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The Story:
 Tasha was a “happy go lucky” kid living in a small town in Wisconsin. She was very involved in sports and clubs and in the community, as her parents owned the local grocery store. In high school, she found her place as an aspiring actress. As just a sophomore in high school, she got the lead role of Sandy in “Grease.” A week before the final performance, the cast and crew was working on a scene change that was taking too long. Tasha was moving out of the way as a set piece was moved across her path. She took a step back and fell sixteen feet to a cement floor; somebody had removed a trapdoor in the stage and Tasha suffered the unintended consequences.

In the hospital, the doctors prepared Tasha’s family for the worst: she may not make it. Her C5 vertebrae had shattered and severed her spinal cord. As they performed surgery, all of Tasha’s organs were shutting down and her heart was working overtime to try and keep her alive. She was unconscious for eight days and it was thought that even if she woke up, she would be in a vegetative state.

The Inspiration:
Not only did Tasha wake up, she woke up with a fully functioning brain. However, she was paralyzed from the chest down. For a teenage girl in the prime of life, this was devastating news. However, Tasha decided to live. She says in one of the videos on her website that “a positive attitude can do wonders” and she sometimes feels “like the happiest person in the world.” After her time in recovery, Tasha went back to high school and received her diploma. She then finished college with a degree in communication with a minor in music.

Today, Tasha travels around speaking in churches, schools, correctional facilities and in front of various organizations. Her goal is to inspire and transform lives. She won Mrs. Wheelchair Wisconsin and then went on to be crowned 2012’s Ms. Wheelchair USA.  Most recently, Tasha got engaged to the love of her life, Doug, and is busy planning the wedding. She also recently published her book, My Last Step Backwards, and is busy travelling around and doing book signings. As Tasha keeps up her positive attitude every single day, nothing is getting in her way from embracing life to the fullest.

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