About Us

Minutes for Memories was founded in 2011 after Addison Russell, a young man with unlimited potential and drive to succeed, was stopped in his tracks by a tragic tubing incident. Accidents happen in the blink of an eye and Minutes for Memories strives to not let that one moment define the rest of a person's life. We lend a helping hand to those in need of assistance, a smile, or just a friend to get them through tough times.  Minutes for Memories understands that a few minutes of someone's time can provide memories for a lifetime and motivation to continue pushing towards a bright future. 

MFM is a 501c3 that creates lasting memories for children ages 5-25 who have sustained long term injures. We do this by allowing them to find enjoyment in something they liked prior to their injury.  Our goal is to showcase that their injuries do not define them and they can still live a full life. Whether it is going to a Red Sox game, watching a play or enjoying the latest movie or video game, MFM wants children to see the bright side of things.

Meet the Team

Matthew Roach - Founder/President

Matt founded Minutes for Memories in July of 2011 and with the help of friends he has taken the first steps in his dream to help others who have sustained long term injuries. While his long term goals are large he continues to push towards them day in and day out. Matt comes to MFM after getting his bachelor’s degree from Nichols College with a double major of Business Management and Human Resources Management. In 2012 he completed his master’s degree at Northeastern University in Corporate and Organizational Communication specializing in Human Resources Management. He currently works in the Human Resources Management department at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Greg McGee - Operations

Greg graduated from Boston College with a degree in Political Science and a minor in Hispanic Studies and he currently works in Wealth Management in Boston. His interest in non-profit organizations piqued after spending two summers interning with the African Community Education Program (ACE) in Worcester, MA. With ACE, Greg witnessed how investing time and effort in people could bring about positive impacts in their lives and his own. He learned valuable skills about the daily operations of a non-profit that he now brings to MFM.

Allison Roach - Administration

Allison comes to Minutes for Memories with a passion for administration and project management. After studying political science at Northeastern University, Allison moved to Texas for a change of scenery.  While she enjoyed the southern hospitality and cowboys, after a year, she realized Boston was where she was meant to be.  Allison currently works in Administration at the Broad Institute in Cambridge. Over the past year she has spent countless hours developing the website and managing the details of events and memories that have been created.