Bonnie Magoon-Kothari, Facebook Follower

“I had a Traumatic Brain Injury in 2003, when I was washed off a water tube in a wave pool. Wave pools seem safe, but it has changed my life. Now, with executive function and memory issues, day to day life is a challenge. I hope you succeed in building awareness because it can change the way people look at you, when they say... “well, you look just fine” and have no idea what challenges you face.”

Paula Lozado, Richie Morales' Mom

"I met the Minutes for Memories team and they explained the foundation and how they help disabled people. It was great learning what they do. They then met Richie and brought him a Red Sox t-shirt and baseball hat. A few weeks later we all went to dinner and a Red Sox game. I support the foundation because its people like them who care about disabled people and work to make them feel better about their situation.  Richie and I want to say thank you for your support and caring about my son."

Leann Orcutt, John Orcutt's Mom

"Minutes for Memories is an amazing Foundation. Matt, Greg, Allison and Krystal are Fun,Caring, and Giving group of young individuals who gave my son a trip to his First Celtics game in Boston. What a fun time. They brought us the dinner first, bought him a t-shirt, and purchased awesome seats at the game. 

They also went out of their way to send a jersey to him on his 16th birthday. They are so thoughtful. We are hoping to get together again. The Group will be forever in our hearts for giving our son a memory he will never forget." 

Kate Xu, Intern, Boston College

"As a freshman in Boston College, I was so lucky to get involved with MFM, a growing non-profit with great potential. It is the first time for me to really understand how a non-profit operates and do what I can to help people in need, something I have always dreamed of. It is extremely exciting that under the collaboration of the team, MFM has successfully started a chapter in Boston College, which offers more resources and opportunities for the organization to grow, and to achieve bigger goals in the future. I will definitely continue to work with MFM so that more people will enjoy the benefits!"