Meet the R.E.D. Steamrollers

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Once we heard that Addison Russell and his mom Gail had helped form the R.E.D. Steamrollers power chair soccer team, we knew that we wanted to help out.  Every team member was an inspiration and it was great to get to know everyone!

With the players as the Guests of Honor at our MFM kickoff dinner, silent auction, and raffle in January 2012, we raised money to purchase game uniforms and make a donation for the team's equipment expenses.

Here are some fun facts we learned about each player:

Don:  Would love to skydive and enjoys dancing!

Ski:  Life motto: I woke up not chewing dirt, ... it's gonna be a great day!

Addison:  Loves board games, the Celtics and Lebron James!

Tammy: Favorite inspirational quote: Life isn't lived on the sideline.  Decide what you want to do and get in the middle of it.

Alan:  Favorite team... R.E.D. Steamrollers.  Least favorite team... The one they are playing against!